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Black and White Film Development


Waldo’s and Co.


How to develop black and white film in the dark room


JUNE 2021


Training Tradeshop Members


  • Articulate Rise
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Snagit
  • Photoshop


Vince Bruinsma



Waldo’s and Company (or “Waldo’s” for short) is an artist collective in Gettysburg, PA. Their goal is to enrich the Gettysburg area by enjoying community, fostering creativity, and advancing culture. 

Waldo’s has a tradeshop membership, in addtion to the coffee shop, book store, and live shows (when COVID allows). Tradeshop members gain access to fine art equipment including: letter press, pottery wheels and kiln, and a darkroom.

Waldo’s provides basic safety training for new members but isn’t able to provide deeper training on their equipment. It takes a lot of resources for staff to train as there are regularly new members.



I created a suite of courses that live on the Waldo’s website. Tradeshop members can access the courses to learn about the equipment at their convenience. This frees up the Waldo’s staff to act as guides that can answer questions without having to conduct full training sessions repeatedly.

I leaned heavily on video, given the precise and sometimes technical information of the art equipment.

As of May 2021 we have completed the Black and White Development course and the rest are in the pipeline.

My Role

Below are the roles that I played in this project.

  • Subject Matter Expert – I was the SME for the written portion of this course. I was a professional photographer for eleven wedding seasons and an enthusist for many years before that. In 2015 I had a brief stint at shooting weddings fully on film.
  • Instructional Designer – I relied on information from Vince and internet research to organize the content for this course.
  • eLearning Developer – I created the course in Rise and embedded it in the Waldo’s website.
  • Project Manager – This was a relatively simple project; however, I acted as project manager to keep the project moving.
  • Graphic Designer – This project was meant to have minimal graphic design. It is designed in black and white to allude to black and white film.
  • Cinematographer – I operated the cameras.
  • Video editor – I edited the footage to create final videos.



The courses were created in Articulate Rise. The course was written and designed directly in Rise with no story boarding. It was exported for the web and hosted on Waldo’s website.

This project was constructed on an artist’s, non-profit budget. That is to say there was no budget. This was pro-bono.

The Black and White Development Course represented 49 hours total. That included

  • 8 hrs – Recording day at Waldo’s
  • 16 hrs – Video editing in Adobe Premiere
  • 8 hrs – Setting up videos in YouTube
  • 8 hrs – Instructional Design and Course Development in Articulate Rise
  • 9 hrs – Meetings and Admin


The videos were recorded on multiple cameras in one day. They were edited in Adobe Premiere.

This is a short and sweet sample of the 13 videos in the course. They were shot on four separate cameras and edited in Adobe Premiere. They’re hosted in YouTube. The audio was recorded on a separate track on a Zoom H1n.

Waldo’s is below a busy store with creaky floors.

Screen Capture

I created the animation of the Massive Dev Chart below in Screeflow and exported as an animated gif.


The still images throughout the course were taken on a Canon EOS R and edited in Adobe Lightroom.

The Course header and Cover Photo were created in Photoshop.

still image of ifosol 3 developer that is meant to be an example of the images throughout the black and white development course
Cover Photo that says Waldo's Black and White Developing Course
Course Header that says Waldo's Black and White Developing Course


Thanks to Waldo’s for the space and inspiration. Thanks to Vince Bruinsma for being the on-camera talent. You truly were a one-take-wonder even when the pressure was on.

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